API Solar Photovoltaic(PV) Packages

Standard Packages Available from API

For a detailed quote please contact API at (705)431-2588. We will run a simulation and produce a financial analysis of your project site. If you would like a full quote and financial analysis please contact us.

System Size in kilo watts Approximate Area needed
Sq Ft,(sqM)-flat mounted
to roof
Number of 230W panels Number of 5kW Inverters Enquire / Order
5.06 500 SqFt, (46 SqM) 22 1
10.12 1000 SqFt, (92 SqM) 44 2
50.37 5000 SqFt, (464 SqM) 219 8-10 (size dependent)
103 10000 SqFt, (930 SqM) 448 By Design

To order or inquire click on system size that you want installed.

The pricing is based on a parallel to the roof installation on a shingle roof, with the inverter within 30 ft of array. If an angle mount is needed or standoff racking, the pricing will change accordingly. The price does not include taxes, grid connection equipment (as per local power authority specification), permits, FIT program fees (if any) and a building structural review by a qualified engineer. API will quote for those services upon site visit.

Delivery to site, within 400km of Barrie, Ontario is included.