Solar PV Potential Opportunities in Ontario


API is showing people of Ontario how to reap the 12kW Solar System installed in Collingwoodrewards of the most lucrative tariff program in the world, through our own Solar Across Ontario initiative!

On September 24, 2009, the government has announced its much anticipated feed–in tariff program, which pays long-term premium prices for clean electricity, positioning the province as a world leader and eliciting international praise.

In the announcement, the government guarantees to purchase electricity generated from a 10Kw solar system on your roof for $0.802/kwh for 20 years!

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*These results are from Federal Government endorsed simulation software results.

Cumulative Cash Flows

You will see below a sample of cumulative cash flows of a 10kW system when installed in the York Region area. The data is produced by the Retscreen, the climate data location used in this example is Toronto, Buttonville Airport, solar module used has the efficiency of 15.1%.

systems roi comparison

Payback Years

In the following table, the years of payback is summarized.

systems roi comparison

Estimated Income (Pre Tax) $

The following table, displays the comparison of the estimated income each system will generated. The figures are before taxes.

systems roi comparison

You may download the System Installations Comparison.


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